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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2015, Volume 1 Issue 2

Bilateral anterior fracture dislocation of shoulder joint- A rare presentation

Author(s): Dwidmuthe Samir C, Anuj Goel, Utsav Agrawal, Vikram Sapre
Abstract: Introduction- Bilateral anterior fracture dislocation of shoulder is a very rare injury. Bilateral anterior dislocation has been less commonly reported as compared to bilateral posterior dislocation of shoulder joint. We are reporting a rare case of bilateral anterior fracture dislocation of shoulder joint.rnCase History- 34 year male presented with 10 days old injury to both shoulder following giddiness. He sustained two distinct impacts over the shoulder. Radiographs showed bilateral fracture dislocation of shoulder joint. Three part fracture on right side and two part fracture (Greater tuberosity) left side. He underwent open reduction and fixation for right shoulder and closed reduction followed by open fixation of greater tuberosity fracture.rnDiscussion- Bilateral anterior shoulder fracture dislocation is rarely reported as compared to posterior dislocation. These injuries are typically occurs with two separate impacts. Commonest mechanism of injury is trauma unlike posterior dislocation. These injuries need prompt reduction of joint and appropriate management of associated fracture for good post-operative outcome.rnConclusion/clinical message- Although rare bilateral anterior fracture dislocation needs urgent reduction followed by fixation of associated humerus fracture.
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