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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences
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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2016, Volume 2 Issue 2

Surgical management of fracture shaft of humerus

Author(s): Dr. Sanjeev Chincholi, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim
Abstract: Fracture shaft of the humerus is a major injury commonly resulting from Road Traffic Accident. It is associated with multiple fractures because of high velocity trauma of R T A. Although the close reduction is ideal, the O.R. + I.F. with plating is treatment of choice in certain indications. The DCP plating has an advantage over the ASIF type of plates in securing rigid fixation and early mobilisation with out any external splintage. Full attention to the training and familiarity with the proposed procedure will yield good operative results. Poor technique of fixation often results in poor results. The complication of infection can be prevented with aseptic precautions, pre-op preparation, pre-per and post-op antibiotics and above all meticulous dissection and minimum soft tissue damage. Early mobility of the limb is responsible for excellent results and is good for fracture and joints and for the patient. Early return to the jobs thus saves the patients from economic setbacks is possible by stable fixation which result in early healing. Exploration of radial nerve in cases with radial N. palsy, for relieving compression and neurolysis has certainly helped in early recovery. One of the aim in the management of patient with multiple injuries is to achieve an upright position with pain free extremities. The early plating of humeral shaft fracture help to attain this goal and prevents "Fracture disease" by allowing early mobilisation.
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Dr. Sanjeev Chincholi, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim. Surgical management of fracture shaft of humerus. Int J Orthop Sci 2016;2(2):52-55.
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