International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences
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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2019, Volume 5 Issue 2

X-ray based measurement of acetabular diameter in Kashmiri population of Asiatic region: A tertiary care study

Author(s): Mohd Ahsan Wani, Jawahar Khan and Nuzhat Ul Islam
Abstract: The acetabulum derives its name from its resemblance to a shallow Roman vinegar cup. Measurements of the acetabulum are crucial in diagnosis, monitoring patient recovery, determining stability of the hip joint and in assessment of acetabular dysplasia. The decision for operative treatment is often based on different radiographic measurements and scores for which normal values are defined. Geometrical measurements of acetabulum differ with respect to age, sex, and race and even within regions. The size, shape and depth of the acetabulum are variable as reported by Govsa F et al., Therefore, the knowledge of various parameters of acetabulum would be helpful in performing surgical procedures such as acetabular reconstruction and planning reorientation procedures using spikes and screws for fixation.
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