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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2019, Volume 5 Issue 2

Morphometric study of distal end of the radius in the southern Assam population

Author(s): Dr. Vikash Agarwala and Dr. Vetri D
Abstract: Background: The morphometry of distal end radius (DER) comprises the four necessary parameters: radial inclination, palmer tilt, radial height, and ulnar variance. The unblemished intellect about the morphometry is urged for the management of fracture of DER. The goal of our study was to determine the values of morphometric parameters of the DER from the adult Indian Materials and Methods: It was a single hospital‑.based observational cross‑sectional, prospective study. Radial inclination, radial height, and ulnar variance were measured on posteroanterior view, and the measurement of palmer tilt was accomplished on the lateral view. All the statistical analysis was done by Microsoft XL 2007 (data add in function were installed for data analysis).One way annova was used for comparing the means of the parameters.
Results: Two hundred (n = 200) X‑rays were included in this study to analyze. The mean value (n = 200) of radial inclination was 21.85°± (standard deviation [SD]) 2.76° (range: 15-29.50°), palmer tilt 11.99° ± (SD) 2.88° (range: 7.44-18.50°), radial height 1.03 mm ± (SD) 0.21 mm (range: 0.64-1.63mm), and ulnar variance 0.39 ± (SD) 1.43 mm (range: -3.0-+3.8).
Conclusion: This study may provide an inauguratory plinth to prosecute the further analytical research in the Indian population. Moreover, the data may also be used as a reference data for the anatomical alignment while treating the injuries of the DER in the Indian population.
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