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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2019, Volume 5 Issue 2

Comparison of functional outcome of mini versus open carpal tunnel release: A prospective study

Author(s): Dr. Febin Ahamed PI, Dr. Jacob Eapen and Dr. Jacob IPE
Abstract: Introduction: Carpal tunnel-syndrome-is-a-complex-disorder-associated-with-localized-compression-of-the median nerve at-the-carpal-tunnel. Advanced-stages-with-persistent-clinical-features-need-a-surgical-release from the compression. Surgery offers an effective-way of-treating-the-condition.-Various techniques such-as-Standard-open-carpal-tunnel-release,-limited-open-technique-and-endoscopic release-have-been-used. In-this-study-we-aim-to-evaluate-the-safety,--effectiveness-and-recurrence-rate-of-mini-open-technique-when-compared-to-the-standard open-incision-technique.
Materials and Methods: This-was-a-prospective-comparative-study-that-was-conducted-for-a-period-of 15-months-from-May-2016-to-August-2017-which-included-60-consenting-patients-who-presented-to-the-orthopedic-department-of-Father-Muller-Medical-College-and-diagnosed-to have-carpal-tunnel-syndrome. The patients included in-the-study-were-divided-into-2-groups-by-random-selection.The-patients in Group 1-underwent-Mini-open-blind-technique-while-the-patients-in-Group-2-underwent-open-carpal-tunnel-release.
Results: In our study 47 patients were females.27 of them were home-maker. The mean age was 49.5 years.24 patients had bilateral involvement. The day time and night time numbness was better post-operatively in mini-open group as compared to open release which was statistically significant with p value<0.001. Cosmetic satisfaction and presence of scar was poorly tolerated in open release group as compared to mini-open group.
Conclusion: Mini-open technique has a better outcome functionally and post-operative morbidity in terms of incision site pain, post-operative complications and the surgical scar when compared to open surgeries. It is gaining fast popularity amongst surgeons in the present era.
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Dr. Febin Ahamed PI, Dr. Jacob Eapen and Dr. Jacob IPE. Comparison of functional outcome of mini versus open carpal tunnel release: A prospective study. 2019; 5(2): 28-30. DOI: 10.22271/ortho.2019.v5.i2a.07