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International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences

2015, Volume 1 Issue 2

Surgical management of fracture of distal end of femur in adults by minimal invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis (MIPPO) with locking condylar plate

Author(s): SK Venkatesh Gupta, Raju Dande
Abstract: Need for the Study: Fractures of distal and femur represent 4-6% of all femoral fractures, the traditional concept of internal fixation which requires an extended approach to the fracture fragments is presently being challenged by a more biological, traumatic approach with careful handling of soft tissue envelop and without bone grafting. The ultimate aim in treating these fractures in adult population is to achieve rapid bony union and allow early mobilization. The main Aim of study is to evaluate the results of Minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis with locking condylar plate of distal femoral fracture in adults. Patients with Distal end femur fracture satisfying the inclusion criteria. The proposed study is a hospital based prospective study centered in orthopedic department, Mamata General Hospital, Khammam. The follow up would be for two year with evaluation at 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months 12 months, and 24 months. Results: In our study 100 distal femoral fractures were treated. All cases were fresh, 78 patients were males and 22 patients were females. The median age was 47 years ranging from 20-70 years. 65 of the fractures were caused by road traffic accidents and 25 were due to fall, 10 were due to assault. 60 patients were with fracture on right side and 40 on left side. Using Neers scoring system excellent is 65 %,good is 20%,fair is 10% and poor is 5%. Range of motion of knee & Hip was excellent to very good. Gait and weight bearing after complete union was satisfactory. Conclusion: Closed reduction and internal fixation of fracture lower end of femur using locking compression plate by minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis is one of the best modalities of treatment especially in intraarticular fractures where the maintenance of articular congruity is crucial. Fixation with locking condylar plate showed more effectiveness in severlyosteopototic bones, shorter post-operative stay, faster recovery, earlier union rates and excellent functional outcome compared to alternative procedures in other studies.
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